The development of Sheet Metal Fabrication in China

The Sheet metal industry developed relatively late in China, initially starting in the 1990s.

But the growth rate is very fast with high quality over the past 30 years.

In the beginning, some Taiwanese-funded and Japanese companies invested in the construction of sheet metal factories to take advantage of China's cheap labor.

At that time, computers were rapidly popular around the world, and the market for computer chassis and Computer-related sheet metal parts were in short supply.Which spawned a lot of large sheet metal factories. 

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After 2010,as the market becomes saturated,demand for computer cases began to decrease,China's sheet metal industry began to reshuffle, some large factories have closed, some small and medium-sized specialized and refined factories began to appear.

China's sheet metal industry is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta(Representative by Shanghai and its surrounding cities) and Yangtze River Delta regions(It is represented by Shenzhen, Dongguan and its surrounding cities) .

HY Metals was founded at that moment,2010,located in DongGuan.We focused on high precision customized sheet metal prototypes and low-volume production for various industries. 

HY Metals has attracted more than 150 professional and technical personnel and engineers with more than 10 years experiences in sheet metal industry.

HY Metals technical team and engineering team provide a strong support for customer service.We can provide professional suggestions for a design stage to suit manufacturing and save your cost.

HY Metals team also are good at solving various problems in the actual production process to make sure the final products meet all your design function.

With the good price,high quality, fast delivery period, HY Metals were quickly recognized by the European and American markets,especially by the rapid prototype industry.

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Affected by the COVID-19, China export cost increased greatly these 2 years, European and American customers in some industries are looking for new supply chain countries, such as India, Vietna. But the sheet metal industry in China still maintains stable growth, because the sheet metal industry relies on technology and experience deeply, the new market country is difficult to establish a mature supply chain system in the short term.

Facing the various challenges,HY Metals always keep 2 things in mind:Quality and Lead Time.

During 2019-2022,we expanded the plant, added new equipment, and recruited more employees to make sure all orders can be finished on time with top quality.

Till 31th,May,2022,HY Metals has 4 sheet metal factories,2 CNC machining centers fully running.

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Post time: Mar-22-2023