Q1: What’s your MOQ?

A1: We can custom 1 pcs prototype part, or thousands of mass production parts.

Q2: What’s your payment term?

A2: Normally, our payment term is 50% deposit and 50% balance before shipping. Based on good cooperation, we can apply a better term for you.

Q3: How is your lead time?

A: 3 For general sheet metal part and machined part without finish, it takes 3-5 work days;

Finishes will take another 1-4 work days;

For low volume orders, usually take 14-20 work days;

For mass production orders, it depends on the design, QTY, and Tooling, usually takes 30-50 days.

Q4: What information do you need for quotation?

A4: Design drawings with detailed dimension (2D drawing format pdf, dwg; 3D format STEP, IGS)and Material , QTY, surface finish.

Q5: What kind of design tool and drawing software do you use?

A5: Solidworks and AutoCAD

Q6: How fast can I expect the quotation?

A6: 2-8 hours.

We have specified engineer team responsible for the quotations to make sure you get professional and timely quotes. 

Q7: How can I proceed the order with you?

A7: When you have a decision for the quote, we will send you the PI for deposit payment.

We will proceed the order for you against the bank slip.

We will confirm the correct drawing with you before processing and keep you updated on the status of the order.

We will share parts pictures and QC report when parts ready.

We will confirm shipping method and shipping address with you before shipping, and arrange everything against the balance payment.

We will share tracking number.

You just need to wait for your perfect parts to arrive you. 

Q8: Do you accept Paypal or Credit card to pay?

A8: Yes. We can accept regular bank wire transfer (TT), Paypal, Alibaba payment, Western union.

Q9: Do you do full dimension inspection for parts?

A9: Yes. We can provide FAI report and OQC report for full dimension.

Q10: Do you have quality control system?

A10: Yes. We are ISO9001:2015 verified.

Q11:What kind of process can you do in-house and what are outsource?

A11: HY Metals have 4 sheet metal factories and 2 CNC shops, we can do all process of metal fabrication including cutting, bending, riveting, welding and assemblies, stamping, deep drawing and NCT punching in-house.

We can do all CNC machining process including milling ,turning, grinding in-house.

We only out source surface finish like powder coating, plating, anodizing, etc.

Q12: What is your core competitiveness?

A12: We take every customer and every single product seriously. Quality, Leadtime and service always great.

Let’s start with an RFQ, you will know what I am saying.