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Metal Stamping China
Metal Stamping China
Avail Metal Stamping in China at Affordable Prices The metal stamping in China has been a...
Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototyping
Rapid Prototyping makes CNC Machining Process Simple When it comes to cnc machining...
Sheet metal fabrication
Sheet metal fabrication
Sheet Metal Parts – Used for Molding a Variety of other Metal Parts If you must be...
Cold Heading
Cold Heading
Cold heading process Definition: Cold rolling is the use of metal plasticity, using...
CNC machining
CNC machining
Buy CNC Machining Parts at Affordable Costs The cnc machining parts is made with metals...
Die casting
Die casting
What is die-casting? Pressure casting is called die casting Die-casting...
The definition of spinning: Spinning is to fix the flat plate or hollow blank on the...

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About Us

Sammy Xue,the Founder of  HY Metals ,start his own business of sheet metal fabrication on 2011,from 1 machine workshop to 3000 workshop only took two years.

And then competition is getting fiercer, when all factory try to win orders by lower and lower price. Sammy made a key decision, focus on prototypes, focus on precision, improve our skills, get more precision equipments, operator get training, all well performed operator get reward and share. 

HY Metals soon spread it’s good reputation in Custom precision sheet metal industry, There is a line to describe “Build sheet metal prototype, must be HY”,.

To 2015,Sammy set up an office in Beijing, for opening the north market of China. He took one year to made a name for HY there.In time, HY Metals factory number 1 production capacity is up to limit. 

So ,HY Metals Factory number 2 established on 2017,stand 9600㎡, 120 employees,10 departments, Engineer dpt, QC dpt, laser cutting dpt, Bending dpt, tooling dpt, stamping dpt, CNC turning,welding dpt. Sales dpt including international sales dpt, which enable us to provide rapid prototype, low-volume of diversity and mass production of  designing, producing and promoting sheet metal, precision hand(rapid prototypes)sampling, laser cutting, stamping tooling, metals stamping, CNC machining.

Today,2021,Sammy owns 3 sheet metal factories,1 CNC center,4 sales office in China,all these make HY Metals to be a strong support for all our customers.

Tech Support

  • Full set equipment one-stop service
  • 15 years experienced engineers
  • Well trained,long term relationship techinist
  • Fast lead time 1-7 days  
  • ISO 9001 certificated all problem controlled before shipping 
  • IGS STEP XT Reverse Engineering.
  • Own tooling, powder coating Dpt
  • Original manufacturer with international sales Dpt.
  • Advise for turning perfect design into production.
  • Far sighted Boss

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Contact us

Address: No.15-16,YanWu Village, DaLingShan Town,DongGuan City, GuangDong Province,China POST CODE:523838
Post code: 523838
Skype:86 15815874097