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The definition of "heming" on sheet metal stamping parts and its production methods, functions and precautions:

1. The definition of the folding back flat: the folding back flattening, as the name implies, is folded back 180 degrees when sheet metal bending, forming two thicknesses that are stuck and parallel.

2. The method of making the “folding and flattening”: the folding and flattening of the single-folding on the sheet metal stamping product is generally made by bending into an acute angle and then flattening. The inner and outer annular folding flattening is divided into three steps: the first step is to draw the right angle first. The second step is to press it into an acute angle. The third step is to flatten.

3. The role of "retraction flattening": A, strengthen the role of the plane; B, anti-scratch effect; C, as a side hole to prevent cutting the wire; D, sleek and beautiful material appears thick.

4. Note: When there is a folding and flattening on the product, you need to look at its position to analyze its main function. Note: If the product needs surface treatment such as oxidation or water plating, you need to fold it back to achieve an acute angle, etc. After plating, it is flattened. Reason: If it is normalized, it will be flattened and then oxidized or electroplated, which will cause acid water in the fold seam to corrode the surface of the product.

Slit -Stamping

There is often a "Slit" process on the stampings, and in some cases a puncture process is required to complete the bend at a particular location. The definition and production method of Slit, its role and precautions:

1. slit means breaking the material without cutting (not producing) the waste. Under normal circumstances, the slit will be completed in one step with a bending processing.

2. The method of making the “Slit” process: simply speaking, a small gap is placed between the punch and the lower surface of the stamping die, and the surface of the product can be pierced into the slit of the desired shape after the tooling is closed.

3. The function of slit in stamping products: 

A.when the small folds are needed on the side, but do not want to cut the process port, Slit is the best choice. 

B. When the product needs to make a small hook (such as a small hook for assembling the card on the upper and lower cover structural members), slit is a good choice, which can achieve the function of locking and making it convenient and quick. Puncture and folding hooks are completed at the same time.

C.when the product surface needs a small bend, but the periphery is not allowed to punch the process gap larger than the material thickness, only the choice of "piercing".

4. Note: The Slit process generally produces relatively large burrs at the incision (punching the edge of the slit) (the burr is equivalent to 2 to 4 times the normal burr), and the burr is generally treated appropriately.

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