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The definition of spinning:

Spinning is to fix the flat plate or hollow blank on the mold of the spinning machine. While rotating the spindle of the Lathe, press the blank with a rotating wheel or a rod to make local plastic deformation. Spinning is a special forming method. The spinning, flanging, shrinking, bulging and crimping processes of various shapes of the rotating body can be completed by a spinning method.


1)      spinning equipment is simple and flexible, and has great flexibility.

2)       There are some complicated shapes, while  punching is difficult or impossible to complete, it may suitable for spinning.

3)       High material utilization rate and low production cost. Compared with machining, it can save materials by 20%-50% and cost by 30%-70%.

4)       Spinning parts have high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness is easy to guarantee. In addition, the parts with spin forming have good fatigue resistance, yield point, tensile strength and hardness are greatly improved.

Insufficient of spinning:

1) Spinning is only applicable to axially symmetrical thin-walled revolving parts such as cylindrical parts, conical parts, and elliptical parts. This is a fatal limitation.

2) For  mass-produced parts, it is not as efficient and economical as stamping. When the batch is less than 1000 pcs, the cost of the spinning parts is cheaper than stamping parts, more than 1000 pcs, spinning parts are more expensive than  stamping parts.

3) The plasticity index of the spinning parts is reduced, the toughness is poor, and there are residual stresses, etc.

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