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Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Parts – Used for Molding a Variety of other Metal Parts

If you must be wondering why sheet metal parts is used, it is basically a metal part formed by an industrial process into thin and flat pieces. The idea behind creating such metal sheets is that they can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. In many parts of the world the sheet metal is commonly specified by a traditional, non-linear measure known as its gauge. Our professional engineers make the process of sheet metal formation possible in just no time at all. At Hymetal, we believe in just one aim and that is to deal with metal cnc machining process with utmost precision. Our engineers are the best in industry and are trained with the right aptitude for achieving the desired results. Speak to us for any concern that may make your decision making a confusion and overcome all the doubts that you may carry concerning our products and services. We will attend to your cnc machining requirements in just no time at all. The sheet metal parts that we offer are of highest quality and can be transformed into a variety of products easily. So, purchase it online from our portal and get started instantly.

Do you know custom sheet metal fabrication divided into Precision sheet metal processing and Rough sheet metal processing?

Custom Rough sheet metal ref to door windows, Chimneys, Cabinet, Agricultural implement, and other extensive sheet metal in the construction industry…etc. which normally with huge tolerance range, so long as it is able to fit.

Custom Precision sheet metal ref to thin metal sheets, through a variety of precision machine by cold process blanking, forming, short-run die, welding, grinding, polishing, brushing…etc. finally get done a perfect sheet metal hardware part. Suitable for low-volume of diversity parts.

Grab the Ultimate of Sheet Metal Parts

In case you should be asking why sheet metal parts are utilized, it is fundamentally a metal part framed by a modern procedure into flat and thin pieces. Sheet metals are sufficiently able to withstand high weights yet they are moldable. The thought behind making such metal sheets is that they can be formed into various types of sizes and shapes. They can be framed into practically any shape, which implies they are a perfect material for creative planners and architects to work.

In numerous parts of the world, the sheet metal is ordinarily determined by a customary, non-direct measure known as its check. The last phase of the sheet metal parts process includes completing the metal here and there to make a tough surface, regardless of whether that is sand impacting, painting and preparing, or powder-covering. Our expert designers make the procedure of sheet metal development conceivable in a less period of time.

HY metals specialize in precision sheet metal fabrication


Laser cutting, NCT, EDM, Water jet Cut ,Etching blanking-Pre-processing-laser cut short-run die-Convex hull short run die-Laser repair-CNC bending-welding-grinding, polishing, brushing-surface treatment: plating, anodizing, powder coating, ainting



Precision sheet metal parts applied to variety industry

Precise electronic hardware(like custom EMI,RF shielding, spring, clip…etc)  home appliances,(dish washing machine, metal chassis, plate, enclosure)LED light metal housing, part, LCD back plate , Aerospace, automotive, medical apparatus,  security equipment, communications device, precision instruments, high-level office stationery, furniture hardware, bicycle parts, industrial design…etc, play an irreplaceable role in almost every field.

Sheet metal fabrication Sample

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