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Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping makes CNC Machining Process Simple

When it comes to cnc machining process, only one name that leads the industry is HY Metal. We believe in delivering quality processes and with rapid prototyping, it is something that not every company dealing with cnc machining deals perfectly. Our work force is professional and believe that nothing is impossible if done diligently. We offer customers the best cnc machining metal products that they can bring to use. Get in touch with us for more details of how we function and operate our daily work operations.The process of production, designing and promoting sheet metals is a tough task and is achieved only extreme precision. We cater to customers from across the globe wit just one aim in mind and that is to deliver quality. With over 15 years of experience and urge to give it fine machining products we work with our man force that is not just proficient but skilled enough to produce machining products.

Our own tooling and powder coating department we bring close a niche of machining products that are suited just to cater to your requirements. All you need to do is register online and get started instantly with our top-class machining products created just to meet you.

About rapid prototyping, you can find the definition in Wikipedia.

But in the hardware industry, rapid prototyping refers to all hardware that can be quickly formed by various processing equipment, including 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal cutting and bending, fabrication... etc.

3D Printing

Compared with developed countries, China's 3D printing industry started late, frontier technology research and development speed is slow, and technology research and development capabilities are weak, but as a manufacturing power, the government will take some measures to promote the development of 3D industry, and 3D printing is also one of the key development directions of our company.

CNC rapid prototyping

Due to the wide range of practical applications, the demand for CNC machined parts continues to heat up, and the number of domestic CNC machining suppliers has increased sharply, resulting in relatively fierce competition for ordinary parts, but for precision parts, competition is relatively small. Our company will develop in the direction of high demand.


Custom Sheet metal prototyping

The use of sheet metal is so extensive that many customers don’t even know that the product he needs to make is called sheet metal.

Using the non-mold method such as cutting and bending welding to become a product in our sheet metal industry, collectively referred to as a sheet metal hand,

Precision sheet metal hand is one of the key projects of our company. One of our two factories focuses on the production of sheet metal model.

HUANGYU is the new rising star in precision sheet metal industry

Rapid prototyping Sample

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