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Metal Stamping China

Avail Metal Stamping in China at Affordable Prices

The metal stamping in China has been a common affair and is one of the best when it is done at HY Metal. We offer services in the metal stamping as well as custom metal parts so that our customers are catered just according to their needs. We make products that are not just high in quality but extremely reliable. The metal stamping is done on metals like steel and aluminium as per the requirement of the customers. Our engineers are well trained in every such field and create products that are amazing. If you’re looking for custom metal parts, we are the best in the industry. The parts range from Metal stamping process and custom dies to name just a few. We produce stamped metals and form metal parts in volume. We deliver custom metal products to all parts of the country and international borders as per your convenience. Our prices are framed as per the industry standards and therefore, all our products are authentic and give you the best results ever. We make it happen for our customers and thus, work accordingly to give them the best deals.

Metal Stamping has the characteristics of high speed and precision, and the precision can reach +/-0.05. Stamping needs to be matched with stamping die.

Progressive or single punch die cost is high (we called it formal mold). Therefore, only the mass production or the metal parts with continuously turned over are applicable, and the personalization demand is increasing day by day. The buyer's investment in the formal die plummeting, and at this time, the simple mold,tooling began to appear. The simple mold, also known as low-cost die, short-run die, , is a low-cost and high-efficiency manufacturing lead time with short service life. these features perfectly cater to individual needs. The short run die is suitable for new Prototype development, old stamping parts modification, single or low-volume production of products or parts, and the corresponding design and manufacture of the structure is relatively simple.

Best Metal Stamping Process and Its Purposes

It is one of the manufacturing processes used for converting a normal sheet metal into some specific shapes. It is a very complex process because used many forming techniques such as blanking, punching the metal, bending, piercing, folding, melting, etc. Currently, thousands of company made this metal stamping across the world, but no one beat the metal stamping china. We deliver the components for many industries like automotive, aerospace, medical and another industrial market.

Many of the manufacturers need the metal stamping parts with some qualities such as high quality, durability, low cost and fast turnaround time. We provide this all kind of qualities for industries. Do you know? The stamping experts must design the parts through CAD and CAM engineering technology that’s why the designs must be in very precise. Otherwise, we use the latest tools and equipment for complete stamping process. Then the metal stamping are classified into many different types such as:

·        Progressive via stamping.

·        Four slide stamping.

·        Deep draw stamping.

·        Short run stamping.

This stamping is more flexible in design and versatility for more complex parts. Then the important factors are manufacturing tools for stamping process. There are several methods are available in the stamping process first needs a design and then getting actual tools for creating the product properly. The main manufacturing tools are tool steel and die set machining and wire EDM. Metal processing design process is more unique with complex.

We offer custom metal stamping service for industries. It means custom tools and techniques and specially designed for customer needs and requirement. A wide range of industries always recommends this custom metal stamping. We offer the best design of stamping with the high quality of the range. This stamping is complex and expensive, but the experts do this process easily without any trouble and give the complete for satisfaction for customers.

Simple molds do not require the use of high-end processing equipment. A range of all kind of stamping machine or CNC bending machine are fixable.

Now let’s show you few metal stamping part come off short-run-die.

Metal Stamping China Sample

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